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Inspiring People In Their Spaces

Our mission is to create murals that uplift and engage the community, and inspire each person with meaningful, lasting impact. We believe each mural is an opportunity to co-create visual landmarks that highlight shared values and resonate within the community they reside, for generations for enjoy.

George Washington Middle School Love Bey
Bethune STEAM Science Portal  Mural McBride Arts.jpeg
Loren Miller School Pillars Education Mu
Loren Miller School Building Mural McBri
George Washington Middle School Love Bey
Loren Miller Elementary Dolphin Entrance
Loren Miller Star Students.JPG
South Park Elementary Playground Mural M
95th St Elementary School Interactive Ha
95th St Elementary School Interactive Ha
Loren Miller Elementary Main Entrance Pa
Surreal Salon.jpg
Three Brothers Ocean waves.JPG
Faith Lutheran Preschool Cottage.JPG
Poppy Backyard Fence Detail.JPG
Octopus Bedroom Mural.JPG
Bethune STEAM Math Mural McBride Arts
Murals: Welcome


The following mural project portfolio spans 50 walls, 30 locations, and 20,000 square feet of large scale art in Public, Business, Faith & Residential buildings.


Large scale public art that transforms entire communities.

Loren Miller Elementary Dolphin Entrance


Murals that collaborate with businesses to co-create shared impact of values and purpose.

Surreal Salon.jpg


Murals that enhance and personalize our most intimate of spaces.

Desert Garden Backyard Mural 1.JPG


Utilizing visual art to evoke visceral and lasting engagement within places of worship.

Agape Church Noahs Ark Mural.JPG
Murals: Exhibitions
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